Jan 3, 2013

Christmas Cracker Gender Reveal!

We had Baby Monty's anatomy scan right before visiting our families for Christmas, so we HAD to do a Christmas themed gender reveal. I wanted something unique, because everything else had been overdone.  After scouring the internet for ideas that led nowhere, I finally thought of a perfectly festive announcement...Christmas crackers!! 

The English tradition of the Christmas cracker is one that I loved while living in England.  They're easy to make, and fun to customize.  I could easily see people making these for proposals, pregnancy announcements, and other fun events.  My crackers were filled with traditional bits of candy, a paper crown, and a (bad) joke.  I customized them with little carabiners, a 2013 wallet calendar, and Christmas confetti...but ONE was the surprise reveal cracker with gender colored confetti and a little ultrasound photo. Everyone loved learning about the Christmas cracker tradition, and it was a fun way to announce that Baby Monty is a.... 

If you'd like to make your own Christmas Crackers just for fun, or for a special announcement, check out Old English Crackers Online.  I only ordered the snaps, and used toilet paper/paper towel/wrapping paper rolls for the tubes.  I also made my own paper crowns and jokes.  

Gender Reveal Christmas Cracker Materials: wrapping paper squares, cardboard tubes, cracker snaps, a paper crown, a joke on a strip of paper, candy, confetti, carabiners, wallet calendars, and the gender reveal ultrasound.
We had a wonderful visit with our families, and now we're back in Texas- ready for 2013 and the welcoming of our son!  Happy New Year everyone!


  1. It was so much fun as we stood in a circle, with arms crossed and holding the ends of the crackers of those beside us. We anxiously anticipated the cracker-pull that would leave someone to announce the surprise gender answer! Our crazy family got a little too wild when on the pull cue all contents spilled out and we frantically searched the floor until the blue confetti & ultrasound photo revealed a BOY!

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