Dec 9, 2012

Hail and Farewell

It’s so easy to focus on the negative aspects of army life when the hubs is gone, and he’s been gone a LOT since we arrived at Ft. Hood. Luckily, he's home for a while and we've had a few opportunities to enjoy the more positive things- like the unit's recent Hail and Farewell.  This was one of my favorite military traditions growing up, because it was the first real opportunity to meet the families at a new duty station. The unit social functions serve to welcome newcomers and say goodbye to the departing soldiers and families. I love how this tradition recognizes the soldier and their family as members of the unit- which is something you don’t always experience in civilian workplaces. 

Sometimes a Hail and Farewell is held at a restaurant or someone’s home, but ours was at the baseball park on post- following the unit’s “Turkey Bowl” the day before Thanksgiving. 

The Battalion Commander introducing us to the Mustangs.
Post game shot:  the Officers beat the NCOs in the Turkey Bowl.
The battalion commander introduced us to the unit by saying a few words about John’s background, interests, and role within the unit. Incoming spouses typically receive a yellow rose, and the battalion commander and his wife presented me with one. We said farewell to many soldiers and their families, including John’s company commander. The formal goodbye consisted of a short speech about the soldiers and their families’ involvement within the unit. Then each soldier received a unit plaque and their spouses received red roses.   Hails and Farewells are a great tradition, and we felt truly welcomed and lucky to be part of a supportive army family.

The army spouse coffee groups are another awesome tradition, and I recently had the pleasure of attending my first one here at our unit. It’s the holiday season, so we had a cookie exchange. I loved meeting the other spouses, and trying all of their yummy cookies!  Since I'm pregnant, the cookie exchange was the BEST idea. Ever. Thank GOD I managed to get rid of all the chocolate caramel shortbread cookies I made for the coffee, because having those in the house would have been a disaster.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, and I’ve resisted the temptation of making holiday treats by keeping busy with lots of Christmas crafts. Lucky for you, I'll be sharing my latest projects here on WLAW! :-)

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